||Intrisincley Not Worth Remarking||
||Intrisincley Not Worth Remarking||
~Heavy Halos~
My Dragon form
~~Agape: The Discovery Of True Love~~
Of Love & Self-Loathing
Pulveronic Engulfment
>>Macabris ^^ Hysterium<<
:} whispers in walled tombs:{
Parchment Wings
Confessions of a Deranged Necrophiliac
My Lover
Demon Est Deus Inversus
The Declensions of Agricola
Corpus Antichristi: The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins
|-Estrus-| {A Declaration of Heat & Lust}


A clown insanely smiling
Lively knowing, deep and loving
Dark derilict
an ether without air.
There is no place out of the wind.
I am out of my depth.
Its a bit of a trick to keep your knowledge from blinding you.
What you see before your eyes is not what you should see, only what it appears to be.
The sun is going, and the world...is wrong.
My life is a faded tint- dead.
I'm standing in it by mistake.
I'm not in the time i once knew.
A dead artist's version of life, down the wrong end of a telescope.
From the other side of death-
Familiar, disembodied, hollow, insubstantial...and wrong.
There is no significance.
Only the promise of death.
Save my life from my  primal screams.
Nothing can prepare you for this.
All there is, is silence. and darkness. for all eternity.
And it has nothing to do....with anything.
Wake up.

by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2005, All Rights Reserved.